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A patio is a paved backyard of a home that can be used as a relaxing area. Homeowners are not limited to a specific kind of their backyard as they can have it either as a proper garden or just a relaxing space. We are a known Patio Builder company in Charlotte that will help you build a new patio, repair a damaged one and maintaining them to look outstanding.

Our Patio Builders are experienced with all styles from basic to unique designs. We are flexible to input client ideas to come up with a customized patio for a home. We make the backyard to be comfortable and convenient for homeowners to relax on a warm day.

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A homeowner will recommend a company to their friends if they are satisfied with the services being provided. Apart from being thorough in our work, we get referrals from our clients.

There is no better feeling than having a service provider that can be trusted. A patio is located at the backyard of a home and our clients can trust us to access their backyards. We are a company that you can leave attending to your patio and find everything intact when you get back home.

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We are referred by many as the best patio builders due to the services we give to our clients

Having a good patio is not just leaving space in the backyard as there is much more to do. Our patio builders have experience and will sit down with a client to analyze their needs, space and resource availability before they can come up with a design.

We do not only install new patios but we take pride in making abandoned or neglected patios to be lively again. We can work on the few places that the client need to be changed or better still redo the entire yard to your taste.

Our maintenance service is detailed and will leave a client with a fresh looking patio. We believe that a regularly maintained patio will remain attractive for as long as it is well looked after. We will remove weeds, seal cracks as well as polish up the backyard to your satisfaction.

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