Great Places To Eat In Charlotte

Carolina BBQ Food

A major reason people travel to new places is to enjoy something they’ve never tried before, because change can be fun and rewarding. One of the easiest ways to find something new to experience is to eat at a new restaurant or food venue, as good tasting food is arguably the quickest enjoyment a person can have. If you’re swinging by Charlotte, whether to stay or to visit, you’re going to want to know what your best options for food are. This list of a few of the best rated eateries in Charlotte is sure to be a good kicking off point for where to test your palette.

Sweet Lew’s BBQ

Few meal types are as focused on pleasant flavor as a BBQ. Whether you love smoked ribs, chicken wings, or any of the many ways to cook pork, BBQ dishes are some of the best food for any meat lovers to get their hands on, and it’s only right that Charlotte should have a restaurant to cater to such needs. Travel to 923 Belmont Avenue in Charlotte and you’ll find Sweet Lew’s BBQ, which sells so well that they warn you to expect a line before you even see the menu. Advertising their food as cooked with a wood burning smoker sometimes smoked for hours before you order to ensure the best taste, anything you order from Sweet Lew’s is sure to be top tier in BBQ. If you’re going for a classic meal to satisfy the carnivore inside you while you’re in Charlotte, Sweet Lew’s should be at the top of your list. 

Abugida Ethiopian Cafe

Looking for new flavors, or something to change up your eating habits? A good way to do this is to try a meal from another country, which is easier to do than ever in the U.S.A, but you might want something other than Chinese take-out. Go to 3007 Central Avenue and you’ll find Abugida Ethiopian Cafe, offering dishes of all types from overseas. Want something with some extra meat, or a vegetarian meal to keep healthy? Maybe you need a larger buffet to pay for a full party of people? Abugida has you covered no matter what, with fairly priced meals for anyone to enjoy, so stop by and try something new. You may just find a new favorite to bring back to your friends. 

Good Food on Montford

Maybe you’re tired of the same old drive-thru meals and walk-in fast food restaurants. You want to go somewhere with a higher class atmosphere, have a meal with good presentation in addition to great taste, and possibly enjoy a glass along with your food. If you go to 1701 Montford Drive, you’ll find Good Food on Montford, giving you a wide variety of menu options from poached eggs to various pastas to more exotic dishes like braised octopus. Though they are only open in the evening hours, their food is best saved for a dinner time meal, for you and a party to enjoy while talking about your day. Whether you want to try something new for dinner or eat somewhere that feels more refined, Good Food may peak your interest.

This list is but a taste of what Charlotte has to offer in terms of eateries. The many restaurants lining the streets of the city all offer something unique in some way, and to list them all would be daunting. If you want to go beyond this starter list, go check Charlotte’s tourism website to find more places to eat and things to do. No matter where you go, you’ll find something you’ll enjoy eating while you’re in Charlotte, and you’ll want to recommend some of these meals to your friends once all is said and done.