Fun Things To Do In Charlotte, NC

City of Charlotte North Carolina

Charlotte is a very large and popular city to live in and visit in North Carolina. The city is so large, its population even surpasses that of the state capital, Raleigh. As a result, there is plenty to do while you’re visiting the Queen City when you know where to look. This list of attractions may help you figure out what you may be interested in doing while you’re in Charlotte. 


Amusement parks can be some of the best attractions to visit while traveling. They offer simple, energetic fun in the form of rides such a roller coasters, thrill rides, and water slides, and can be a great way to bond with your family and friends. Carowinds, the year-round choice amusement park for visitors and citizens of Charlotte, provides all of that and then some. With rides like the Fury 325 roller coaster, which has a max speed of 95 miles per hour, or the Surf Club Harbor, with 27,000 feet of space to surf in, it’s easy to lose an entire day to riding everything you can until the sun goes down.  Carowinds should be one of the first places you go have fun in Charlotte, so make sure it’s on your radar. 

NASCAR Hall of Fame

Are you a fan of NASCAR? If so, then Charlotte has something very cool for you to visit. Even though NASCAR headquarters is stationed at Daytona Beach in Florida, the NASCAR Hall of Fame is located right in Charlotte. The Hall of Fame honors not only exceptional drivers, but also broadcasters, crew chiefs and owners from across the history of NASCAR, such as Jeff Gordon, Darrel Waltrip, and Dale Earnhardt. The Hall of Fame also acts as a museum to educate visitors about the history of NASCAR and the ins and outs of racing. If you want to learn more about NASCAR or want to learn something new while you’re out in Charlotte, checking out the Hall of Fame is a great place to start. 

Charlotte Museum of History

Maybe you want to get away from pricey amusement parks and racing halls to take a more classical look at Charlotte. The city is rich with colonial history, dating back to when it was settled in 1755. The number one location for learning about Charlotte’s background is the Charlotte Museum of History, a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading knowledge about Charlotte’s past. The museum will walk you through the history of Charlotte’s oldest buildings, roles in the Revolutionary and Civil War, and much more. History enthusiasts will definitely want to go check out the Charlotte Museum of History. 

All in all, Charlotte has plenty for both visitors and new residents to check out. This small list is only a taste of the option you have in Charlotte. If you want to find more attractions for any upcoming visit you’re making, check out the Charlotte tourism website. You’re bound to find something you’ll enjoy and want to come back to again.